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In contrast with official site Litecoin is peer-to-peer cryptocurrency & open source software design released under MIT/X11 license .Former google employee Charlie Lee has created litecoin in Oct 2011..It went live on Oct 13 2011.The inspiration behind the designing of this project was basically BITCOIN & it’s feature are some what identical with Bitcoin .

From the previous record we can make the idea that the growth rate of litecoin is tremedeous. During the month of Nov 13 the aggregate value of litecoin gain massive growth .In view of this graph below we can make the outcome that Litecoin gains a great growth rate till now.

LITECOIN CHART (2013-2018)

Basically Litecoin has various positive features in contrast as in aspect of speed Litecoin transaction over Blockchain in very less in contrast to Bitcoin it takes only 2.5 mins to complete the transaction. Litecoin turned into an attractive investment position as its price rose from the lows and reached prices above $200.
The Litecoin blockchain uses a different hashing algorithm from Bitcoin. Litecoin runs on Scrypt, a more complex calculation mode than the SHA-256 used for Bitcoin.

Litecoin rose sharply in 2017 on the back of Bitcoin and a general enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies starting of 2018 is relatively good . In the past, the price of Litecoin has hovered relatively depressed.
The future of Litecoin is considered stable due to the dedicated technological community and regular updates that increase speed and decrease cost.

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